Show the world that Ottawa has a strong and diverse music community

Well, Ottawa, this is it for 2013!

60 people stopped by to play or sing us a song, let us record and post it online. Henry – the winner - walked away with a $800 Seagull folk guitar!

That was our summer in 2013. 

We have more coming next summer … curious?

YES! I want to know what happens next!


2013 rocked! Thank you!

What we did  

We hung out with a guitar for passers-by to play. Anyone who played us a song and let us record it had a chance to win a beautiful acoustic-electric Seagull guitar, handmade in La Patrie, Québec.

We did this because we wanted to show Canada (and the rest of the world) that Ottawa has a very vibrant, diverse and inspiring music community.

We were right, of course.

Love the idea? 

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More importantly, go out there and support the local music scene!