Ottawa and its music

Thank you Ottawa for a great couple years!

Throughout the last two summers, we set up in Ottawa’s parks and public spaces, looking for the city’s musicians, and gave away a couple beautiful guitar to some of them. In 2014, it was David!

In the last two years, over 100 people stopped by to play us a song, let us record and post it online.

After two years, we had to set the project aside: a sad but simple calculation about school, work, and the limits of time.

It was a blast. Thank you for your songs and support.


What we got up to  

We hung out with a guitar for passers-by to play. Anyone who played us a song and lets us record it had a chance to win a beautiful acoustic-electric Seagull guitar, handmade in La Patrie, Québec.

We wanted to show Canada (and the rest of the world) that Ottawa has a vibrant, diverse and inspiring music community.

(It does. It’s actually awesome.)


Love the idea? 

Enjoy our videos on YouTube.

Share this project with your friends and family who might enjoy it .

More importantly, go out there and support the local music scene!