Musical Underground is a grassroots project that started in May 2013, around the idea of “reverse busking”.

Musical Underground Ottawa

There is a large community of skilled musicians in Ottawa who don’t often get a chance to show their talents.

We want to explore the musical talent in the city, show Ottawans that music is very much part of their community, and grow an appreciation of the busking scene in Canada’s capital.

How it works

We’ll hang out with a guitar, but it’s the passers-by who are playing. Anyone that plays us a song will have a chance to win a beautiful acoustic-electric Seagull guitar, handmade in La Patrie, Québec. Only catch is that we’re going to record the whole thing and post the highlights.

Last year we popped up at the Great Glebe Garage Sale, Brewer’s Park, Major’s Hill Park, and Sparks Street Mall. 60 people played for us to capture on this site. Henry, who was just walking past on Sparks Street, sang I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You and ended up winning the raffle for the guitar. In 2014, we had at least that many.

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You can also find us on YouTube.

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Musical Underground Ottawa was originally made possible by Awesome Ottawa. They’re cool and you should check them out.